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NOTE: Used only in Distribution API.

Reservation represents a reservation made for a certain quantity for a specific offer. As offers in the database mostly are shared between many publishers you never know when a particular offer is sold out. If you schedule to feature an offer let's say in a week and the offer is sold out before the feature day you need to do double work and find another offer as a replacement. Reservations are suppose to guarantee you a specified quantity of the offer vouchers is reserved for you and can not be sold by anyone else.

Reservation functionality is provided free of charge, however it is disabled by default. Only distributors with proven high sales ratio of Adility offers are allowed to use reservation feature.

  • id string.
  • offer_id string.
  • account_id string.
  • quantity_reserved integer.
  • quantity_in_stock integer.
  • start_date date.
  • end_date date.
  • creation_date date.
  • status string. "active" and "cancelled".

Data Example


    "id": "",
    "offer_id": "",
    "account_id": "",
    "quantity_reserved": "",
    "quantity_in_stock": "",
    "start_date": "",
    "end_date": "",
    "status": ""




Create Reservation

POST /offers/:id/reservations

Update Reservation

PUT /offers/:id/reservations/:id

Query Reservations

GET /offers/:id/reservations

Get Reservation Details

GET /offers/:id/reservations/:id

Delete Reservation

DELETE /offers/:id/reservations/:id