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Moving to Production

We review all applications/websites using our API before enabling production access for them. Before we provide a product API key for you we need to know some details about your application.  
  • Describe your application, its potential market , the way it should use Adility.
  • Provide URL of the site where we could check integration or application download instructions if you're using API in downloadable app.
Every application should implement at least basic API methods to be suited for production:
  1. Getting offers by location and radius
  2. Getting specific offer details by its ID.
  3. Getting list of recently closed offers.
  4. Placing an order.
  5. Canceling whole order or specific vouchers in it.

We are logging all API activities and will check sandbox environment logs to check that you've integrated API in right way.

Decline cases

Usually the only reasons why we may decline applications are problems with technical implementation, overall concept or user experience, in this case we tell exactly what should be done to get the confirmation. Here are few examples of such cases:
  1. Your application gets offers from our database but does not get updates on it. In this case you may sell your customers deals that are not available anymore.
  2. Your application tries to update offers status too frequent which is not necessary and causes abnormal loads to our servers.
  3. You haven't implemented order/voucher cancelation in your API before going to production and may call our tech support each time you'll do a refund instead of implementing it programmatically via API.
  4. You're going to create kind of deals catalogue which will provide all our offers to end customers at a time without any limitations. Our offers database is created mostly for dailydeal-like applications.

Note: please send your request using email address which you used to register on Adility to api@adility.com.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.