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Understanding Offer Types


Deal is the main type of offers. In general, a deal provides customers discounts anywhere between 50% - 90% for advertiser’s services or products. A deal is a prepaid product and a customers purchases the deal before visiting the advertiser. Deals are often used by daily deal or group buying sites.

Synonyms: virtual voucher


An coupon is another offer type. Coupons provide a discount for an advertiser’s services or products. The discount can be set as a percentage (%) or value (US dollars). As opposed to deals and gift cards, coupons can not be prepaid. Coupons are provided without any charge and require the customer to request the coupon via an action (click) in your application, or by providing email address or cell phone number - the request is considered a "clip" or "clipping a coupon".

Note: coupons are not currently available in Adility's offers database.

Gift Card

An gift card is another offer type. Gift cards can be used just like cash for an advertiser's products or services. Gift cards can be discounted or be offered at face value. Gift cards are just like deals prepaid by the consumer and the consumer will receive a digital voucher code to redeem the gift card.

Note: gift cards are not currently available in Adility's offers database.